ANALOG ADVENTURES! EP1 - 76A Limiter Exploration!

Check out the First Episode of our new YouTube series; ANALOG ADVENTURES! In the premier episode, we demonstrate the 76A being used on a very soulful vocal track!

Welcome to the first episode of our new series: "ANALOG ADVENTURES!" The premiere episode features the 76A on a VIBEY Vocal Track, showcasing how the 76A can drastically change the character and "feel" of a vocal VERY quickly (primarily using the Input and Ratio Controls).

This is the first of MANY episodes to come in our new ANALOG ADVENTURES! video series, exclusively on YouTube. Every episode will feature a different AudioScape product (or combination of products) and will showcase particular tips and tricks of the unit, real-time sonic manipulation and all kinds of fun!
This series is meant to be FUN, off-the-cuff and guerilla style… using our products as you would in your own studio.
Makes sense, right? ;-)

ENJOY and Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and/or COMMENT if you like what you see!

As we pin the format down, each episode will improve upon the last until we have everything dialed in just right… (it’s kind of like developing and building gear! Haha…)
We have a TON of ideas for future episodes, so keep your eyes peeled!

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