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Complete and total transient manipulation. Exaggerate. Decimate. And EVERYTHING in between. Immediate and IMMENSE Midrange Girth!

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The D-Comp (also known as the Diode Compressor) was born by starting with a very, very old and vintage (some would say “archaic”) circuit for inspiration and old-school, oft forgotten design aesthetics. During the exhaustive and meticulous R & D stage of the D-Comp; trying to “modernize” the overall topology and sonics of this circuit, we were able to carve out and create something fresh and new that still retained all of the desirable, often quirky aspects of the original vintage unit.

Born of our intense, tireless strive for extreme sonic euphoria, is a Diode-Based Compressor that goes boldly beyond it’s origins…

After much anticipation; we are absolutely elated to present this special creation to the AudioScape Family!

We spent well over a YEAR….. in the design phase alone. (Don’t even get us started on the layout, discovering and deciding on the perfect marriage of components, design aesthetics; the list goes ON and ON…..)
In the end; The D-Comp not only met, but exceeded our own expectations (which are exceedingly high; but you already knew that ;-).
The D-Comp can spit out downright BRUTAL compression action, behavior and tone; whilst always adding an immense, euphonic vintage midrange girth.
What we ended up with is a MONSTER.
While on the opposite side of that coin, gently taming peaks, massaging acoustic instruments, etc. couldn’t be any easier.

A tool of Remarkable Transient Manipulation and Dynamics Control.

The Attack / Release controls coupled with the Sidechain High-Pass Filter allows countless, creative dynamic manipulation and sonic options.
These 3 controls are paramount to any other on the D-Comp (in our biased opinions). Allowing everything from subtle, thick cohesion to full-throttle, blown out dynamic inversion.
…..and anything in between!

We don’t need to talk about “24k Gold Dipped Capacitors” or “Cryogenic” this or that. No.
Great products speak for themselves. Lovingly Hand-Crafted, One-at-a-Time in Small Batches right here in the USA!

Please listen to the audio examples and watch the demo video for a TINY sampling of what this truly remarkable compressor / limiter is capable of!

We LOVE all of YOU! Our AUDIOSCAPE Family! And we hope you love this compressor just as much as we do. ;-)

AUDIOSCAPE offers a 2 year warranty on any item it sells!


  • Stylish 2U 19" Rackmount

  • Custom Cinemag Transformers

  • Switch Between LIMIT, COMP or “OUT” mode which provides rich, harmonic gain and character without compression!

  • Fully-Variable Input, Output and Release Controls

  • 11-Position Stepped Attack Control

  • 6-Position Stepped Sidechain High-Pass Filter (OFF / 40hz / 80hz / 120hz / 200hz / 320hz)

  • Stereo Link Switch (Equal Gain Reduction in each Channel)

  • Compression Bypass Switch per Channel

  • Electronically Balanced +4dBu circuitry

  • Premium Components Throughout (as always!)

  • Alpha Potentiometers

  • Triad International Series Toroidal Power Transformer

  • Custom Analog dB Gain-Reduction Meters

  • Neutrik XLR Input and Output Connectors (Real Metal)

  • Internal 120v or 220v Power Supply


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