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A painstaking all tube recreation of the infamous Midrange EQ used to sweeten mixes, increase density and weight of recorded audio and featured on countless classic records. A true sleeper in the annals of legendary tube equalizers. Until Now.

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The Deets

Introducing the Audio-scape MEQ-A Midrange Equalizer, an all tube recreation of the famous classic midrange eq used on countless records and for mastering. This EQ targets the 200hz to 7 kHz range and imparts a warm and musical tone to every track that goes through it. It can be subtle or extreme depending on how you use it. What I love is you really can't make it sound bad.


  • Cinemag Transformers

  • Hammond Power transformer

  • High quality capacitors and resistors used throughout (wima MKP series for the low and mid bands and polystyrene for the high band, Vishay Dale resistors)

  • All tube gain amplifier (12ax7, 6aq5, and 6x4 rectifier tube)

  • 3 custom wound inductors for each band


  • 120v wall voltage only to start

  • Low Band Boost (Peak) +10db from 200hz-1kZ

  • Midrange band Cut (Dip) -10db from 200hz-7khz

  • High Band Boost (Peak) +8db from 1.5khz-7khz

  • 600 ohm termination for input/output transformers

  • Noise: Below 80 dBm

  • Distortion: ≤ 0.15% at +10 dBm into 600 ohms

See it in action

Watch the demo video for a taste of what it's capable of!


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