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The EQP-A. What more can we say? Over a year of R & D, Listening Tests and Analysis led us to some extremely revealing findings; with this knowledge in-hand, we are proud to finally offer a FAITHFUL EQP Recreation that cuts no corners, makes no compromises and upholds our mission of SONIC TRUTH!
Built with Integrity. Built with Love. Built the AUDIOSCAPE way!



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AudioScape EQP-A: Legendary, Vintage Tube Equalization

Our newest addition to the AudioScape lineup, the EQP-A is an uncompromising, authentically Made-in-USA recreation of the classic vintage tube equalizer known for imparting a uniquely electric, silky sheen and thundering, tight low end to countless recordings over the last half-century.  And in true Audioscape fashion, an extraordinary amount of time, passion and obsessive attentional to detail was spent refining and perfecting our take on this legendary circuit to ensure every unit behaves and performs just like the original - all at a peerless price point within reach of engineers working at ANY level.

Painstaking Circuit Design & Carefully Selected, Period-Correct Components

With a unit as famed and beloved as this, it's no surprise that there are many "clones" and “replicas” on the market claiming to capture the magic and unquantifiable, vintage soul of the original.  But it turns out there's much more to this “magic” than meets the eye - literally. Not only does the EQP-A include a full complement of NOS tubes - utilizing the oft excluded NOS 6x4 Rectifier Tube; an important aspect of the originals sound, custom-wound inductor, and high-end custom iron that matches the specifications and performance of the originals - including the critical interstage transformer omitted from most "clones" despite its crucial contributions both to performance and faithfully recreating the originals box tone - but, by necessity, we've actually “corrected” the circuit to more accurately reflect the behavior and sound of the vintage units, after finding the original schematic(s) contained errors that drastically affected performance at certain filter settings. The difference is remarkable, and it reinforces our belief that no amount of research, development, listening tests, or time is too much to invest into a product of this pedigree.

Electrifying, Larger-Than-Life Sonic Elegance

The EQP-A has been built from the ground up accurately and faithfully, with no component compromises and no gratuitous enhancements to completely and faithfully capture the shockingly vivid, detailed, and elegant character of this classic EQ. (We wouldn't put our name on it if it didn't!) We've invested an immense amount of time testing and refining this unit to produce the same jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring reaction engineers around the world have felt when using a vintage unit; every-time the circuit is engaged or a setting is changed. And we're confident you'll feel the same!

Our Philosophy - Recreating the Euphonic Sonics of a Bygone Era

Like every AudioScape product, the EQP-A was designed and built with one, of many-core principles in mind: SONIC TRUTH!  We're proud to offer you a unit that we feel truly replicates the magic, mojo, and character of such a classic, time-tested EQ.  We can't wait to hear what you have to say and hope you love it as much as we are proud of it!

Handcrafted in the USA - Legendary Circuits deserve Legendary Craftsmanship

We build and assemble each of our products by hand here at our workshop in Florida, using NOS and USA-made components wherever possible, and never compromising or making concessions to any aspect of the build or more importantly, the SONICS for the sake of profit margins or simple convenience. We strongly believe this is the right way - if not the only way - to produce these units at the level of quality we strive for, while still making them available to as many of our customers as possible. Every product comes with a HASSLE-FREE TWO-YEAR WARRANTY, and we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the biz! If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk shop, please reach out to us!


  • 12AX7

  • 12AU7


  • Exclusive, Custom-Wound Input Transformer (exacting replica of the original)

  • Exclusive, Custom-Wound Interstage Transformer (exacting replica of the original)

  • Carnhill Output Transformer (an exceptional recreation of the obscenely RARE, virtually unobtainable original Peerless Iron)

AUDIOSCAPE offers a HASSLE-FREE, 2-YEAR WARRANTY included with EVERY unit we sell!


  • Handcrafted in the USA

  • Stylish 3U 19" Rackmount - Original Pultec “Blue”

  • Premium, FULL NOS Tube Complement

  • Exclusive, Custom-Wound Input Transformer (Sonically True to the Original)

  • Exclusive, Custom-Wound Interstage Transformer (Sonically True to the Original)

  • Carnhill Output Transformer (an exceptional recreation of the obscenely RARE, virtually unobtainable original Peerless Iron)

  • Premium Custom Inductor (Wound to Original Specifications)

  • Cornell Dubilier Polypropylene Axial Capacitors

  • Allen-Bradley Carbon Comp Resistors in Key Areas of the Signal Path

  • Period-Correct Davies Knobs

  • USA Made “Pultec Blue” Silk-Screened Front Panel

  • Alpha Potentiometers

  • USA Made Custom Power Transformer

  • Neutrik XLR Input and Output Connectors (Real Metal)

  • Internal 120v Power Supply (220v Operation available!)




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