Buss Compressor

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Buss Compressor


A faithful reproduction of the beast at a great price! Great for mix buss, groups or individual inserts.

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The Deets

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A faithful reproduction of the beast at a great price! Great for mix buss, groups or individual inserts. Many of the clones and DIY circuit boards for these have a summed mono design instead of true stereo in the side-chain section like the original desks have. This has a noticeable impact on the final sound. With summed mono the low end content can become woofy and uncontrollable which can be hard to tame and lead to a frustrating experience... The custom circuit board i have in this compressor stays with the true stereo design in the side chain section which requires additional components but has a much more pleasant natural sound when pushed like the original desks. No need for additional mod boards etc. It negates the need for a side chain high pass filter in most cases. There is still a 160hz side chain high pass filter if still needed of course. Although gentle compression is usually best with these beasts it allows the compressor to be pushed harder with better results. I hand build these one at a time so get it while you can. If its listed, it's built and ready to ship. I have built many custom preamps, compressors, etc and had nothing but great results from those who have purchased form me. There is a 2 year warranty from the purchase date for this or any other item. Please feel free to ask any questions. You can read my feedback on ebay for reviews on these lovely compressors. Insured free shipping to the lower 48 U.S.A only. 

Update: I've received a few questions about whether this unit has the 'turbo mod' as it's known in the diy world. The turbo mod uses an external side chain board to make a gssl build true stereo. This compressor has what would be considered the 'turbo mod' integrated into my custom circuit board design. This is a much more solid solution than fussing with extra mod boards, wires, etc... 


  • Stylish 1U 19" Rackmount with original looking meter and knobs

  • Internal 120V Power Supply

  • True stereo VCA controlled compression, not summed mono like other designs

  • Compressor IN/OUT Switch -160hz side chain filter switch

  • Adjustable Threshold, Attack, Release, and Ratio - +20dB Make-up Gain

  • Analog dB Gain-Reduction Meter - Electronically Balanced +4dBu circuitry

  • Neutrik XLR Input and Output connectors

  • Alpha Potentiometers and rotary switches

  • Antek Power transformer

What are people saying?

"This permanently sits on my 2bus and it's just magic. Don't hesitate, get one!"

"Great piece of Audio Gear!! Great Build, Great Sound, Great everything!!"

"Amazing buss compressor for an awesome price!!!"

"This thing sounds AMAZING!!!! I cannot believe it! Thank you for everything :)"

"Great buss comp much better than the big brand plugin version, like the dif between plugin and amps"

See it in action

Below is the official video demo and a video highlighting the difference between a summed mono and stereo side-chain so one can hear the difference. The compressor in the 2nd video is in a different custom prototype case but it shows the difference between summed mono and true stereo side chain in the compressor

Hear it in action


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