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A faithful, Zero-Compromise 70’s FET Compressor recreation that remains loyal to the distinct and remarkable sonority of the "Blueface" Revision.

***NOTE: Like all of our products, the 76A is not just “Designed in the USA”, these are *DESIGNED AND MADE IN THE USA*; hand-built, one at a time by our skilled USA assemblers. Coupled with the increasing costs of Custom USA-Made transformers, NOS Mojo-Components, USA-Made Cases, et al; leaves us barely breaking even on the 76A. You know where your money is going when you buy any product from us. It’s feeding a family, taking care of loved ones, etc.

***NEW PRICE STARTING JUNE 1st = $799 !!
Nothing drastic, but this gives us a LITTLE cushion and room to grow! ;-)
We want to be as fair as possible to everyone that has been waiting to purchase a 76A, so we’re offering you ample time to get this AMAZINGLY faithful recreation of the famous “REV A”, built to the stringent standards of a bygone era!

We hope you all understand and can appreciate this slight price increase. Raising prices always sucks and we don’t particularly like doing it. This is a first for us. Please go easy. Hahaha..

Free shipping to USA. All international orders please contact for shipping quotes.

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Here it is, A FAITHFUL RECREATION of the famous FET Compressor that started it ALL from the 1960's!

The 76A is a zero-compromise, FET compression circuit recreation that remains loyal to the distinct and remarkable sonority of the "Blueface" Revision.

We are proud to add the 76A to our line-up of USA Made, Period-Correct, recreations of legendary gear.
We can't WAIT for everyone to discover what they've always wanted at this price ;-).

Aggressive, thick and startling harmonically complex; this is *THE* product for those desiring to add the sound of an analog legend to their outboard collection!

Our unit is everything you would expect from a lovely FET style compressor with rich, harmonic overtones and a pleasant GRIT when pushed!

The original's charm and unique coloration was largely due to the iron used at the input. The 76A features a Cinemag CO-12 Input Transformer (the ONLY unit in this price range that uses this amazing transformer; We have heard and tried every type of modern transformer and this is by far the most authentic sounding replica in production.

Cinemag completely nailed it!

And of course, the 76A features the infamous “ALL BUTTONS IN” Ratio “Mode” (and any combination imaginable therein).

True to AudioScape form, only the best parts that sonically'“fit” the accuracy of the unit are used.
Carbon Composition Resistors in the Audio Path and Precision Metal Film Resistors in the Side-Chain, a perfect marriage of sonic mojo and precision for the compression section to operate flawlessly for years to come but maintain it’s unique, vintage coloration and vibe.

We also utilize Vintage NOS 70's FETs (the same FET's used in the original unit), Triad Power Transformers and a Custom-Wound, Cinemag Output Transformer.
It’s all there….. in spades!

- Patient attention to detail goes into every unit.
- We offer truly boutique products in every sense of the word.

Our margins are very tight. BUT, this sacrifice allows us FULL control over EVERY aspect of the manufacturing and assembly process.

We can use NOS parts where it matters and most importantly, we are able to offer a product that is (in our biased opinions), simply a step above the competition.

AUDIOSCAPE offers a HASSLE-FREE, 2-YEAR WARRANTY included with EVERY unit we sell!


  • Stylish 2U 19" Rackmount

  • Cinemag CO-12 Input Transformer (the BEST and most accurate recreation of the original UTC Iron from yore!)

  • Custom-Wound Cinemag Output Transformer

  • NOS 1970’s FETs (found in the original units) utilized in Crucial Areas of the Compressor/Amplifier Sections

  • Cornell Dubilier Polypropylene Capacitors

  • Mallory Capacitors

  • NOS Allen Bradley Carbon Comp Resistors

  • Fully Variable Input/Output and Attack/Release

  • Attack On/Off Switch (Bypasses Compression; Use the 76A as a Line Amp for it’s Exhilarating Saturation and Harmonics!)

  • Original Style Push-Button Ratio Control (4:1/8:1/12:1/20:1/”ABI” and any Combination therein!)

  • +55dB Total Output Gain

  • Electronically Balanced +4dBu circuitry

  • Alpha Potentiometers

  • Custom Vintage-Styled dB Gain-Reduction Meter

  • Original-Style Pilot Light

  • Highest-Quality Recreation Knobs

  • Real Metal Neutrik XLR Input and Output Connectors

  • Triad International Series Toroidal Power Transformer

  • Internal 120v/220v Power Supply

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"The Audio scape 76a is one amazing compressor. I love it."

"Awesome seller, great compressor. I’m definitely buy more stuff built by audio-scape!


Watch the demo video for a taste of what it's capable of!




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